Mercy Health - St. Rita's Hospital Suite 255 Renovations

Mercy Health St. Rita’s hospital contracted The JDI Group to re-imagine the interior spaces of Suites 255 and 150. The result accommodated the move of the PEDI Rehabilitation center and the restructuring of its Adult Outpatient Rehabilitation Center.

Suite 255 is approximately 5,000 SF and required updates to the finishes, lighting, and doors. The overall goal of this project was to improve the patient experience by creating an open and welcoming atmosphere.

The design of this project was based around a day in the life of a therapist: how they treat patients and how they work. The old space lacked square footage and organization. Suite 255 was dark, outdated, and closed off. The waiting room area was too large and left little room for a receptionist and patient check-in desk. Other issues included lack of treatment rooms for multiple discipline therapies, adequate storage space for personal belongings, and designated “clean’ and “dirty” rooms for an improved sanitation process for therapy instruments and tools.

The JDI Group transformed the space by updating the interior finish to include rubber floor tiles for the gym and treatment rooms, new paint, and laminate casework and storage units. The waiting room was modified to include a receptionist desk for patient check-in, and an additional designated staff space was added for providers to have access to a quiet space for charting and access to the waiting room. The team created therapy gym space with ample storage and designated floor space for equipment and areas for ceiling and wall hung units. An existing toilet was converted for staff only use, and another toilet was added for ADA patients and families.

The transformation of Suite 255 allows for more patients to be seen and improves the overall design, function, and layout of the space.


Lima, Ohio




Mercy Health – St. Rita’s Hospital Adult Therapy Suite Renovations

Mercy Health – St. Rita’s Hospital Adult Therapy Suite Renovations

Empower 1 – Communications Training Center

Empower 1 – Communications Training Center