Cooling Tower 2 Replacement

The scope of work included structural, process mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and controls. JDI designed this project focusing on quality and reducing installation time. This project was originally scheduled as critical path during the planned shutdown. To reduce the manhours required during shutdown, JDI coordinated with the installation contractor. JDI’s engineers designed as much as possible to be pre-assembled before shutdown. One of the biggest obstacles was that the 42” cooling water return headers were originally sitting on top of the existing wooden tower. To get around this, JDI used our 3D laser scanner to identify locations where we could drop columns for a pipe rack, and install the new headers on the north and south sides of the tower. That moved a large amount of work outside the plant shutdown. JDI also designed the new 72” degasser column on the left. The degasser was shop fabricated off site and shipped in. During shutdown, it was dropped into place simply once the old column was removed.

Designing the project with installation time in mind allowed the project to come in under budget, and to be completed well before it would prevent startup of the plant.


Lima, OH




Anderson Development Company

Anderson Development Company