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Each year, colleges throughout the country recognize September as National Campus Safety Awareness Month to bring attention to the issue of safety on campus. NCSAM provides opportunities to encourage public conversation about violence prevention and offers a platform to address the background of campus safety programs.

September or any month, safety is important. The JDI Group views safety as a critical component of our design, whether it be for a college or healthcare campus, a refinery, or a manufacturing client. Safety is at the forefront when we design solutions for our clients.

We thought we would take the opportunity to share why safety should be considered for project design and some of the critical areas where it needs to be addressed. All campuses deserve to be safe – whether it be education, healthcare, government, commercial, or industrial facilities.

Why address safety?

  • OSHA Standards
  • Ohio Building Code Requirements
  • Workforce/Student/Patient safety, retention, and attraction
  • Company Safety Levels
  • Safety Regulations for maintenance, ventilation, lighting, floorplan, and traffic routes
  • Code requirements: Life Safety, Electrical, Process

Areas JDI can support safety:

  • Life Safety
  • Functional Safety Design
  • Electrical Area Classification
  • Process Safety Management (PSM)
  • Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS)
  • Emergency Responder Radio Testing
  • Standby and Backup Power Evaluations
  • Surge Mitigation and Lightning Protection
  • Arc Flash Analysis, Mitigation, and Training
  • Site-wide Notification Systems
  • Safety Controls
  • Safety Walkways
  • Stair Ladder Safety
  • Mezzanine Deck Safety
  • Safety Schematics
  • Process Safety Upgrades
  • Structural Analysis for Safety Equipment
  • Site Lighting
  • Door and Access Security