Prilling Tower

Painesville, Ohio

Hardy Animal Nutrition (HAN) manufactures natural animal feed ingredients for the cattle, swine and equine markets. A Magnus International Group Company, HAN refines leftover raw materials such as fats, oils and greases and converts them into animal nutrition ingredients. The company meets the leading worldwide standard for animal feed quality and safety.

The goal of this project was to replace production and warehouse facilities that had caught fire and burned. The design of the new 72,000 SF facility enclosed the entire process in a 162 foot tall tower. The height of the tower was driven by the gravity transfer of the product that takes place through the entire process. A 60,000 SF, two level warehouse with connecting ramp was also included as part of the $20 million project.

The new Prill Tower and warehouse reconstruction were designed and constructed within a tight six month schedule. The design/build team was able to meet this accelerated timeframe through the use of Building Information Modeling (BIM) software, which incorporated designs done by other subcontractors and equipment suppliers, and allowed for in-depth clash detection to avoid major problems. To meet the schedule, construction was started prior to the process layout being completed; however, through continued use of the model – both in the design phase and in the field - changes to the structure and building envelope were made to accommodate the process up until fabrication of foundations and structural framing occurred. Minimal field changes were required due to this ongoing coordination.