Toledo Zoo

From an enrichment tree for elephants and a cooling rock for the snow leopards to a caging project for 147 animals – we love our zoo. The JDI Group has completed a variety of projects for The Toledo Zoo. One that stands taller than the rest is the elephant exhibit enclosure. Our structural team was responsible for the 30 foot high precast elephant proof building, the 15 foot high yard barriers, and the 40 foot tall steel “tree” which provides enrichment and shade to the elephants.

Our team also renovated the holding facilities for the tigers. Upgrades were made to the existing gates, pool modifications and lighting, as well as the design for a “rock” to cool the snow leopards while on exhibit.

Our work included mechanical, electrical, and structural engineering services to provide caging for the giraffes, zebras, birds, and wild dogs. JDI was commissioned to provide mechanical assembly drawings for the 147 unique animal holding and caging doors. Every part was detailed and specified to the requirements of the zoo as well as federal safety requirements for housing animals, protecting caretakers and providing for the safety of zoo guests. In addition, JDI provided design services for temporary animal holding areas within the veterinarian’s quarters.

JDI provided electrical services for the heating and cooling of the butterfly house. Our work involved designing the systems to maintain the temperatures required for the butterfly area, as well as designing the lighting in the chrysalis room, the space where the butterflies are at the stage of growth when they are turning into adults.


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Empower 1 – Communications Training Center

Empower 1 – Communications Training Center

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