Toledo GROWs - Building Assessment

Toledo GROWs is located at the Robert J. Anderson Urban Agriculture Center, a 2.65-acre parcel with eleven structures. The JDI Group evaluated the energy efficiencies of a wood-framed structure with metal siding, polycarbonate windows, and an attached greenhouse to help Toledo GROWs pursue energy improvement grants.

Recommendations for improvements of HVAC systems, plumbing, fire protection, structure foundation, structure walls, general finishes, windows, doors, and roofing were provided.

JDI created a detailed report evaluating each component, establishing life expectancy, and upgrades as needed. The detailed report also involved a general assessment of the stormwater management facilities, topography, vehicle/truck access, asphalt pavement, hardscape, and other exterior features located on the property. The report included a rough order of magnitude cost estimate for a new parking lot. The report also outlined estimated replacement costs for heating, ventilation, hot water, and plumbing systems.

Lighting is a key area for energy savings. The report detailed energy and maintenance paybacks from changing from fluorescent to LED lighting.


Toledo, Ohio




Star of the West Milling Company – Flour Conveying System

Star of the West Milling Company – Flour Conveying System

The Andersons – Retention Pond

The Andersons – Retention Pond