SIS Design and Upgrade

Retrofitting existing process unit systems and upgrading them with Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) is the key to continuous, accurate, and safe processes in a refinery or petrochemical environment. jdi specializes in hardware and software controls that can be integrated with critical process systems to provide redundant logic, redundant measurement of process parameters, and integral safeguards to allow for safe, systematic shutdown of process unit equipment. These, in turn, prevent dangerous conditions and reduce the likelihood of damage to the equipment, facility, and personnel. Examples of our work in this area include:

  • Gas Fired Feed Heaters/Steam Reformersjdi provides detailed design for SIS upgrades across refinery and petrochemical heating systems to achieve SIL2 safety compliance. We provide the design for extensive modifications to fuel gas and pilot gas piping systems. The complete renovation of the heaters' controls installation includes redundant control systems for shutoff valves, burner management systems and alarms (BMS), new combustion gas analyzers, and new intrinsically safe flow, pressure, and temperature instrumentation.
  • High Pressure Separatorsjdi provides detailed design for upgrading level measurement and control systems in high pressure separator vessels. With complex installations, we take laser scans of the existing conditions, and use those scans to develop 3D models that show the piping modifications for a given system. Our capabilities include providing complete renovation of the controls installation for separator vessels requiring redundant guided wave radar level control and actuated shutoff valves.

the jdi group’s expertise in instrumentation and controls, process piping, and structural and electrical engineering are integral on all system upgrades. In addition, we have the capability to define construction scopes, prepare construction cost estimates, develop piping isometrics and instrument wiring schematics, perform material take offs, identify tie-in lists, and take tie-in photos in order to coordinate bidding and construction activities. jdi also participates in constructability reviews and provides engineering support during the fabrication and installation phases of a project.

All retrofit projects require the integration of new devices and equipment into limited space, and jdi strategically utilizes 3D design to illustrate the new required arrangements.