Refinery Lighting Upgrade

This multi-stage project was undertaken to improve the performance of the lighting systems within multiple areas of an existing refinery. It involved an evaluation and photometric study of the entire  plant. the jdi group, Inc. field verified every lighting fixture within the refinery and developed photometric maps of the entire plant. These maps were used to determine the most severe areas of non-compliant lighting that, in turn, could result in security and safety hazards. 

The second stage of the project was to perform lighting engineering to bring non-compliant areas up to the standards of the refinery. The end result was a mixture of existing infrastructure and new lighting fixtures and control, which together with the use of more efficient LED technology, has lead to lower overall energy consumption and maintenance. The new jdi-engineered lighting has led to safer working conditions and a more secure site. 

An entire package of evergreen lighting drawings was also generated by the jdi group, Inc. as part of this project for the refinery’s use in continuous process improvement.