New Food Line Addition

Southern Ohio Manufacturing Facility

When a large food manufacturer decided to add a new, ready-to-reheat-and-eat snack line to its existing jdi-designed Southern Ohio facility, we were called upon once again to assist in the effort. Our scope of work included civil, structural, and architectural engineering and design services to support the installation and maintenance of the new equipment.

While the available space for the new line was tight, all new platforms and crossovers had to be functional in order for the plant to be able to maintain a high quality product. jdi’s design accomplishes this objective, while meeting OSHA and building code requirements.

Services were provided in two phases on this $2.5 million project. The first phase involved a feasibility study, which included the evaluation of various alternatives and the development of conceptual drawings to allow the manufacturer to obtain budgetary construction costs. Phase two encompassed the design phase, which provided final engineering and construction drawings of the required changes to the facility.

jdi conducted the required field work to support the design and created a 3D model of those areas of the plant affected by the project. The model incorporated design drawings from other consultants and suppliers as well in order to coordinate the efforts between the disciplines. The model was then used to create final engineering and construction drawings.