Gamble Road Widening

Village of Fayette, Ohio

The original design of Gamble Road in the Village of Fayette was intended to support residential and agricultural traffic. But when Fayette High School was re-located to Gamble a few years ago, the street needed not only to be expanded from its existing 18’ width to accommodate busses, but its poor condition also needed to be improved. the jdi group provided the design of the widening and rehabilitation for the project whose construction cost was $210,000.

Our scope of work consisted of topographical surveying; assessment of the present condition of the pavement; pavement and drainage design; street lighting; construction/bid document preparation; construction cost estimating; public bid facilitation; and construction administration.

The project required that approximately 2,600 LF of roadway be widened, repaired and overlaid with new asphalt. jdi began by visually inspecting the road to determine which areas needed to be just milled and overlaid versus those which needed to be fully removed and reconstructed. We then determined the strategy of widening that least impacted the adjacent area.

Due to the change in traffic loading it was determined that all of the existing pavement would need additional pavement to increase its structural capacity. Approximately half of the existing road required that all of the asphalt be milled, the stone base re-compacted, and new asphalt be installed. Approximately one quarter of the existing road required the entire stone base be removed so the sub-base could be re-compacted and new stone base and asphalt be constructed. Once all of the areas were repaired and widened, another layer of asphalt was placed over the entire road.