Core Box Cleaning System

the jdi group worked hand-in-hand with MT Systems on this project, which entailed the installation of a $2 million Core Box Cleaning System at the Saginaw Metal Castings Operations of one of the Big 3 automakers. Core Box Cleaning Systems use high pressure water to remove particles of sand that plug up air vents inside of foundry equipment.

jdi provided engineering services to prepare the site for the machinery and equipment installation. This included visitations to the site to determine the requirements for air pressure, water supply, voltage requirements, floor space, floor weight capacity, plant truss height/structural support capacity, and required floor trenches and pits. It was jdi's responsibility to notify the client of any machinery and equipment having installation and operational requirements exceeding the parameters of the facility.

Design services provided by jdi included layout of all equipment and the development of 3D models to show the connection of the machinery and equipment to the required utilities, including compressed air, natural gas, city water, industrial sewer, cooling tower water, power Ethernet cable, and nitrogen.

The project spanned four months, from contract award to the completion of the Installation Safety & Testing Certification.