BGSU Robotics Laboratory

The field of Robotics has become an immensely popular program on campuses throughout the country. Bowling Green State University has responded to this demand through the creation of a Robotics Lab within their existing Technology Building.

Selecting the appropriate space in which to locate the new lab was the first step in the process. Not wanting to compromise the functionality of the other programs housed within the Tech Building, the design team selected a location formerly occupied by the technologies supply store.

The robotics lab includes stations for 12 self-contained robotics units utilizing air, electricity, and data hubs on central columns. Included in the lab are stainless steel workstations for fine tool work, seating for lecture, and a teaching command center. The space also received cosmetic upgrades of new paint, a ceiling for a previously exposed deck, utility cabinets, and a thermally insulated overhead door.

Due to the imminent delivery of donated robotics equipment and the need for a viable space in which to locate it, the project had a very aggressive schedule. An “in-person” state review of the drawings helped to facilitate the compressed timeline. Construction of the Robotics Lab was completed within one month.