Barrier Removal Project

Often times the ability to maintain older equipment can become burdensome and sometimes even dangerous for jdi’s clients. This client asked us to help them develop a solution to one of their barrier issues.

In order to clean the screens at one of the plant’s cooling towers, our client had to bring in a mobile crane which required a crane operator and at least two area mechanics. The task also required the mechanics to reach out under the old hand-rail in order to hook the crane up to the screen. With the tower sump open below them, this action created the a potential hazard of a worker falling into the sump.

the jdi group designed a new trolley and overhead crane system for the cooling tower, allowing workers to access and clean the screens in a quicker fashion, with fewer staff. New grating was installed as well, so there are no longer open areas to the sump below. Additionally, new lighting was installed to offer better visibility, a benefit during night shifts and when the water vapor off the tower build up around the sump area.