Assembly Plant Renovation & Expansion

The jdi group provided full A/E services for this project which entailed the renovation of 27,000 SF of an existing automotive assembly plant, along with an expansion of 40,000 SF. The project was one piece of a plant-wide expansion and modernization program.

Many of the functions that were housed in the existing facility – such as inspection and repair stations, dynamometer testing stations, and final adjustment stations – were moved to the new facility. In the assembly part of the new addition, several pits and trenches were incorporated to accommodate conveyors, drive pits, and service pits. In addition, one large pit area was designed to house dynamometers and wheel alignment equipment.

Because cars are left idling as they move by conveyor through the area, fume collection was a critical component of the project. In order to address employee safety, underfloor ducting was included for pit ventilation and fume collection at both the existing and new conveyor trenches. Airlocks were incorporated at all exterior overhead doors for temperature control inside the building.

In addition to the assembly portion of the plant, the scope of the project included a water spray booth for leak testing, restrooms and a break area, and an overhead mezzanine to house glycol heating equipment to warm the concrete pavement adjacent to the building for snow and ice removal. An automatic underbody wash area was also provided for cars that were brought back in from the outdoors and were carrying dirt and debris.

Substantial site work, including relocation of critical underground utilities, was required for the project.

It was the client’s desire to maintain operation of the entire plant, including access to the existing outdoor test track, during construction and this resulted in the design and construction team giving special consideration to construction sequencing.