Taking Service Beyond the Border

In the Architectural and Engineering world we often talk about the need to provide good service to clients. Adam Ruch, a process mechanical designer at the jdi group, takes this "motto" to heart even outside the office.

A member of Christ's Church in Wauseon, Ohio, Adam and members of his church have traveled overseas to provide services to people in need. "Ever since I was little I have always been fascinated with the idea of going to Europe," says Adam. "When the opportunity presented itself last August, I jumped at it." The Church supports an organization called Direct Connect Humanitarian Aid, whose mission is to "help the helper help the helpless". Traveling to Minsk, Belarus, a country located east of Poland and north of the Ukraine, Adam and a group from his church visited a couple of orphanages, a soup kitchen, a respite care facility for mentally challenged children, and a drug rehab center. The Red Cross also introduced the group to several families who were in need of basic supplies, which they were able to provide.

Another faction who benefited from the services provided by Adam and his church were orphans who, once they turn 18, can no longer stay at the orphanage where they were raised. "There is a woman who locates apartments for the orphans and helps them find jobs. We were able to provide financial assistance to her, so she can help them furnish their apartments and buy clothes and shoes. Human trafficking is high in Belarus, and the orphans are easy prey since they have nowhere to go."

Once Adam and his colleagues build a relationship with, and earn the trust of, the natives, the residents are open to discussing the Gospel with the group.

"People ask why I need to travel half way around the globe to help people when there is a need in the U.S.," states Adam. "The answer is easy. Unlike the United States, other countries do not have the programs in place to help people. There is a great need, and I want to use my time to help. God has blessed me greatly and I want to give back."

Adam and members of his Church are planning to return to Belarus this November and could be visiting Kosovo as well.