Laser Scanning

 Above and beyond engineering and design, the jdi group offers 3D laser scanning, which can be integrated into the overall 3D model of a project. Scanning is completed during the field work process and is attached to the site survey to tie into plant/facility coordinates, if desired. This allows jdi to combine our advanced 3D modeling capabilities with the real 3D scan of the surrounding area to create a complete model of the new project in the existing conditions.

The scan determines many things for a project. Whether it’s fitting a new pipe on an existing pipe rack or building a new structure on a site with many obstacles, the jdi engineering team will have your answers. The true 3D picture of the area will help to minimize interferences and other problems that can be resolved early in the engineering process. The model helps with review meetings, bidding, and construction. The final scan file can be kept on your system for future use and is viewable with a free viewer.

Advantages of 3D laser scanning:

  • Minimizes field work
  • Excellent for review meetings and historical records/as-is conditions
  • Scans important areas that are out of reach
  • Displays the true picture of surrounding area
  • Helps identify interferences with new structures
  • Simplifies bidding projects