3D Modeling / BIM / Virtual Design & Construction

jdi is at the forefront in the use of technology, employing Building Information Modeling (BIM) on each of its projects over the past ten years. An intelligent BIM or Process 3D model incorporates all of the 2D data, materials, drawings and documents which help the designer/engineer to produce required plans, elevations, drawings, estimates and material details. Integrating all of these pieces of a project allows us to apply various design alternatives to the 3D model and instantly check their impact on the final output and cost. The result is a better design and more efficient material utilization. In addition, the model can easily produce additional views and perspectives, giving all involved – including the Owner – an accurate view of the final design solution. Our entire staff is involved in ongoing training to continue to be a leader in this paradigm shift in the AEC industry.

The benefits of 3D modeling & BIM include: 

  • Building Information Models contain product information that assists with commissioning, operation and maintenance activities
  • Minimizes conflicts in design and reduces change orders during construction
  • Construction schedule integration
  • Reduced construction schedule
    • Improves team coordination during design and construction 
  • Offers better visualization for all types of projects 
    • Check for errors
    • Efficient marketing and promotional tools for advertising 
    • Renderings with better visualization of components 
    • Optimum use of materials and space reducing waste
    • Generate walkthroughs & virtual tours
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    • Reduce overall project costs
    • Energy Modeling in support of Sustainable Design

To see a real-life example of our 3D capabilities, check out this video of a Prilling Tower we designed.